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03112001 - Divizia A - FC Farul Constanta 1 - 0 Gloria Bistrita [half-time: 0-0]
Scorer: Cr. Negru 50'
Attendance: 8.000
Nothing much to say about it except that Jenel's team had the ref on their side, probably the most frustrating ref ever, but we have still won. Very nice goal from Cr. Negru. Poor, very poor performance for the newcomer Trofin. He repaid it by throwing his jersey to some lucky fans after being substituted.
Next game is vs. Steaua away in Bucharest.
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20102001 - Divizia A - FC Farul Constanta 5 - 3 Universitatea Craiova [half-time: 1-0]
Scorers for Farul: Liviu Mihai 3, I. Barbu, Senin
Attendance: 15.000
Forza FARUL!
Next match vs. FC National away.
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02102001 - A great picture with Farul's supporters at the match between FC Farul - Dinamo [ended 2-2]. *click on thumbnail to download the full sized photo*

farul vs. dinamo
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Farul will play away vs. CSM Resita in the 1/16 round of the Romanian Cup. The match will be played on the 10th of October.
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Do you think Cristocea or Senin should be given a chancein the senior National Team? Come and give us your oppinion in the forum.
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01102001 - A nice wallpaper for ya all! *click on thumbnail to download the full sized wallpaper*

farulmania 1.0
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30092001 - Scorers for Farul in the match vs. Astra
I. Barbu, Cristocea, Teican
Farul is 6th in the league out of 16 teams.
Next match: away vs. FCM Bacau, in two weeks.
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29092001 - Romanian League 8th round latest
FC Farul Constanta 3 - 2 Astra Ploiesti [half-time: 0-1]
Scorers unknown yet!
Farul's captain Cristocea turned 21 today. Happy birthday!
5 consecutive matches without losing and still counting!
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22092001 - Romanian League 7th round latest
Sportul Studentesc Bucuresti 0 - 3 FC Farul Constanta [half-time: 0-2]
Scorers: Liviu Mihai & Cristocea 2
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25082001 - Romanian League 6th round latest
Otelul Galati 0 - 0 FC Farul Constanta
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25082001 - Romanian League 5th round latest
FC Farul Constanta 2 - 2 Dinamo Bucuresti [half-time: 1-2]
Scorers for Farul: Dicu and Cristocea.
Man of the Match for Farul: hard to say, probably Senin or Badescu.
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25082001 - Romanian League 4th round - UMT 0 - 2 Farul [half-time: 0-2]
Scorers for Farul: 'Tutu' Chirea and Adrian Voicu. digitalmisery

21082001 - Ref partied with Rapid chief and call girls
An investigation is underway in Romania after Farul Constanta claimed that the referee who disallowed their winning goal against Rapid Bucharest at the weekend was later seen drinking with their opponents' honorary president and several prostitutes.

Cristian Balaj is alleged to have met Rapid supremo Gheorghe Dinu at the Cucaracha nightclub in Constanta, near the Black Sea resort of Mamaia.

Farul president Paul Peniu raged: "For me, it all looks very clear. They got together to celebrate Rapid's success. Dinu and Balaj spent several hours together.

"If necessary, I will search the whole of Constanta to find the girls who were with them and invite them to be witnesses."

Balaj admitted on Tuesday that he was at the club, but explained he saw Dinu there by chance. "A meeting is when two people decide a place and an hour to talk, not when they accidentally come face to face on the street," he said.

"We stayed on separate tables and I don't remember exchanging more then two words with Gheorghe Dinu all night."

Balaj claimed he was taken to the Cucaracha by a reporter, who had been covering the match for Romanian TV. "I was with him to drink a beer for my 30th birthday," he said. "Dinu went quite quickly, while my friend and I stayed another two hours."

The Rapid honorary president also defended the rendezvous and suggested that Farul chief Peniu must have been drunk to make such an allegation.

"When I saw Mr Peniu before the game, he seemed euphoric. Maybe he kept his spirits high after the game by drinking too much, otherwise he wouldn't have said something so foolish.

"Who is stupid enough to meet a referee in such a public place like a pub or a nightclub, where they can be seen by more than 100 people and over 20 journalists?" he mocked.

Farul and Rapid drew 1-1 earlier in the day, but Balaj made several controversial decisions in the visitors' favour, ensuring that they secured an unlikely point.



20082001 - the 4th version of FarulMania opens
Hey people! I'm back now with the fourth version of FarulMania. As you can see it is one page long, has got the big old guestbook in it and a nice forum. There are people already talking about Farul in the forum. Why don't you join them? digitalmisery

18082001 - FC Farul 1 - 3 Rapid Bucharest (half-time: 1-1) ((scorer: Liviu Mihai))
The fair ones never win. What else can I say. We've played great. Probably the best game we've made for a long time. But ref Balaj didn't thought so. He cancelled us a goal by Liviu Mihai when the score was 1-1 and he eliminated Liviu Mihai at the end for nothing. We're at -5 and I hope we'll win all three points vs. UMT away. We've played very good so far. Too bad that the luck is not on our side, not to mention the refs which will never support us for the simple fact that we don't bribe them! Forza FARUL! digitalmisery

FC Farul First Eleven
GK: G. Curca
DL: Ad. Senin
DR: Fl. Popete
DC: M. Abaluta
DC: I. Barbu
DC: C. Petcu
ML: I. Badescu
MR C. Dicu
MC: V. Cristocea *cpt.*
FC: Liviu Mihai
FC: Cr. Negru
FC Farul Top Scorers
6 Liviu Mihai
4 Cristocea
2 I. Barbu
1 Senin
1 Dicu
1 Voicu
1 S. Teican
1 Cr. Negru
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